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Sean. 19. Boston.
I play music and I'm somewhat of an introvert.
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When bitches say bae I go cray.


Over the Hills and Far Away | Led Zeppelin

Many a time I have listened to this.

Burnt out

Anonymous asked: Should I rewatch Star Wars in order of release or in story order?




I’m about to blow your mind.


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Good weather’s got me in a good mood.

So today I took my skateboard and scooted over to the local bagel shop and got some breakfast and then spent the next three hours outside skating around town. I haven’t been skating seriously in a few years but today was perfect. 55 degrees and sunny!! I almost got my heel flips down as well which is crazy because I didn’t even know how to start them a few hours ago. It’s been a while since I have put that much effort into anything other than music.

I realized I have had my head shoved too far up my ass, musically, here at Berklee which isn’t such a bad thing when everyone else is the same. It was just refreshing to step back and focus on something else and forgot about music. However, now I’m just a mediocre skateboarder and a mediocre musician.

What are ya’ gonna do.. 

P.S. When are my new trucks showing up Jerome?!?!

The meandering mind

Well shoot son. That just about tells a better story than a particle board door with a fist hole punched in it.
Into the Night →
Anonymous asked: post a fucking selfie


I’ve been feeling mediocre lately but tits okay. 

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